Patriarchal Priorities

You might know by now that my wife enjoys forcing me to watch terrible television. Last night (and fairly often, really) it was Sean Hannity, and he’s STILL on about how the government is stifling the freedom of religion by allowing people at Catholic workplaces to obtain birth control. What Sean and his ilk apparently don’t think about (or more likely DO think about but don’t mention because it isn’t relevant to their agenda) is that no one is forcing anyone to take birth control. He kept using the word “mandate,” and it’s hilarious enough when homophobes use this word, but in this case I don’t even see how there IS one. To me, this is pretty similar to the whole corporate personhood thing. Requiring employers to cover birth control is at best beneficial and at worst neutral to individuals, and isn’t it individuals who are covered by the First Amendment? Your religion says you shouldn’t use birth control? Fine, don’t use it. No one is making you. Don’t Republicans claim to be in favor of individual liberty? Mind you, if church hierarchies believed in individual liberty, there probably wouldn’t BE any church hierarchies. It’s the Church that should be making these decisions, because people are too dumb to determine their religious beliefs on their own, I guess. Not to mention that it is, once again, primarily men telling women what to do. The patriarchy is obviously still alive and well, although I’m not sure they have a legal leg to stand on, at least in this case.

Hannity was also complaining about an offensive performance at the Grammys. I didn’t watch the ceremony (why would I?), but it sounds like the most offensive thing that happened there was Chris Brown performing right in front of the woman he beat up. Not that these disgusting people on Twitter mind it. It’s amazing how many people I’ve seen take Chris Brown’s side, or acted like they didn’t want to pass judgment on him. Yes, apparently there are still a lot of people around today who think beating your girlfriend is acceptable. But no, this wasn’t what Hannity was talking about. Rather, he was bothered that Nicki Minaj was making fun of Catholicism.

That guy is nowhere near grumpy and wizened enough to be the current Pope.
The Catholic League, the same group that got Fox to cut the word “Catholic” from a commercial parody on The Simpsons, was very indignant about it.

ANIMATION ERROR: Did that girl put on the crucifix necklace in the middle of the commercial, or what?
Well, I watched the video of the performance, and while I didn’t care for the song itself at all, how is it offensive? Just because people are dressed as monks and altar boys? Does the Catholic League really think the best publicity for the Church in this day and age is as an organization that can’t take a joke? I had left a comment on Beth’s post about Chris Brown alluding to how people were more offended by Sinead O’Connor ripping up a picture of the Pope than Chris Brown beating the pulp out of Rihanna, and it looks like blasphemy is STILL considered more problematic than domestic abuse. Not that Hannity and the Catholic League are necessarily representative of the general public, but they appear to have a fair amount of sway. So why don’t they tackle the issues that everyone should be able to agree are serious, rather than ones that only the most uptight Catholics would even care about? I guess the real issue here, however, is whether Nicki Minaj is getting free birth control.

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