Amanda Palmer Must Die!

Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A Collection of Photographic Evidence, with stories by Neil Gaiman – Here’s another book I’ve owned for a while but hadn’t fully checked out until recently. Actually, Beth bought it for me at a concert on my thirty-second birthday. I told Amanda it was my birthday, and she drew a cake next to one of the pictures. Anyway, the book is intended as a companion to the album of the same name. It’s mostly made up of photographs showing Amanda posing as a corpse, but as the byline indicates there are some fragmentary pieces of prose by her now-husband Neil Gaiman. These pieces tend to be quite short and enigmatic, and encompass a variety of styles. Definitely an interesting item for anyone who’s a fan of Amanda’s.

I’ve noticed that Amanda sometimes seems to be a rather polarizing figure, which is a little odd as I wouldn’t think she’s famous enough that people who didn’t like couldn’t just ignore her. I wrote a few years back about the controversy caused by a tweet of hers about product placement that mentioned the Ku Klux Klan. I’ve also seen people who were fans of Neil’s but not Amanda’s thinking he was making a mistake in marrying her, which I think is the only time I’ve actually seen anyone feel sorry for a guy marrying a girl sixteen years his junior. If anything, it’s generally the other way ’round. Finally, I noticed a few search strings that resulted in people finding my blog involved Amanda and Neil being Scientologists, which actually isn’t totally out of left field. While Neil is from a Jewish family, his parents were indeed quite involved with Dianetics, at least according to what I’ve read online. I believe he’s denied still being a Scientologist, however, and isn’t it much more common for celebrities involved in Scientology to never shut up about it rather than to keep it under wraps? And I can’t say I know anything at all about Amanda’s religious beliefs, aside from that she practices meditation, which isn’t even necessarily religious. You can like or hate Amanda as you see fit, but I tend to doubt she’s shilling for Xenu. Really, I can’t help but feel that some of the flak Amanda gets is directed more at her super-devoted fans than at her personally.

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2 Responses to Amanda Palmer Must Die!

  1. blacky says:

    Amanda Fail Palmer is in a deal with one of the biggest Scientology families on the planet and Gaiman just chucked half a million into their coffers last Spring via his ex-wife and business partner in The Blank Corp, Mary Gaiman who lives in his backyard. Once Gaiman and Palmer signed their contract, Scientology agreed to pull every string which is why there was a sudden campaign of posters, appearances, photo shoots, Sea Org Twitter followers, films and wobble dolls within a month of their relationship going public. Most contracts are 10 years. Who starts a brand new relationship and within a month starts churning out products on this level? People in a contract do. And it will continue non stop. Gaiman has the appearance of success because of Scientology buying him awards. Scienos control the Nebulas, Hugos and the library association. But he doesn’t have main stream success. His film attempts have failed and his books don’t sell through. Now his contract money is pathetically small and even DC comics won’t pay him more than he made in the 80’s. Gaiman doesn’t need the money anyway, he is rich from the vitamin company his Scientology family owns, hawking the purification rundown.
    Gaiman is sick of writing. He just wants to tweet and get onstage to get his fix. Writing is too hard. Why not just act like a jackass onstage with Palmer and have 20 people clap?
    Amanda Fail Palmer signed a Faustian pact with the Gaiman Scientology Dynasty. Her family is Sea Org, the lower class Scienos. That’s why she will not say the “S” word in public. Strange, don’t you think that a woman who sells her used underwear online and waxes lyrical on her menses will not utter the word Scientology? Palmer is a freak and no legitimate talent agency will touch her with a 10 foot pole.
    It will backfire though. Scientologists have no editor and their belief systems are looney. They can’t pass for normal. Without someone to warn them when they’re out of line, their behavior escalates and will grow more erratic and insane. Look at the album they just cut? They think it’s okay to tweet and mock people and write a song in 10 minutes.

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