Divine Warming

Remember when Congressman John Shimkus proved himself to be just as dumb as his name sounds, and said that the world when end when God wants it to, and not because of global warming? Well, apparently at least one other person bought into this idea, namely our old pal Jack Chick.

As usual, he’s kind of all over the place, but the main point is that the world IS coming to an end soon but it has nothing to do with global warming, I guess because Armageddon couldn’t be man-made.

Except then he blames it on humans anyway, insisting that “the nations” have banned the Bible. I guess that might be true when it comes to Cambodia, but then why doesn’t God just destroy that nation and not the others? Overkill much, O Holy One? And if the end of the world can’t be produced by humans, what will happen if some madman gets his hands on some loose nukes? (Okay, an even madder man than the ones who already HAVE nukes.) Would God say, “Stop that! Destroying the world is MY job!”? And if God’s creation is so wonderful, as many Christians like to claim, why is He so eager to destroy it and start anew? Especially when you consider that the Chick-style fundamentalists think the world is only 6000 years old anyway. He made an entire planet (some would even say an entire universe) with the intention of only having it last a few thousand years? I suppose they think it’s like a drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch or in Mario Paint that you know can’t last. I’ve never understood the whole idea that we’re living in some prototype world that will eventually be replaced by the perfect reality, because why wouldn’t a perfect being just do it right to begin with? That’s where the Demiurge comes in, I guess, but I’m pretty sure Chick isn’t a Gnostic.

A few other notes about this particular tract:

  • The people in the second panel are obviously supposed to be Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, and Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. Does that mean Jack has seen a movie written, produced, and directed by a Christ-killing Jew (from his own perspective, obviously)?
  • Isn’t it more appropriate to compare greedy religious leaders from the Middle Ages with greedy religious leaders today than to scientists?
  • I don’t know how accurate his supposed quotes from scientists are, but even if I give Chick the benefit of the doubt and say he got all that right, science allows for people to be wrong. It’s religion that doesn’t. If it had been a prophet of God who made that prediction about nobody knowing what snow is, he would presumably have had to backpedal and claim that he meant something else when he said “snow.”
  • Apparently global warming experts all worship ancient Mayan and Greek deities. Who knew?

As usual, it’s a bunch of crap, but it seems that a lot of people agree with Jack on this. Okay, probably not on the bit about modern scientists praying to Ixchel and Gaia; that’s part of Chick’s own specific brand of craziness. The marriage between climate change denial and fundamentalist Christianity is still going strong, and I can’t say I can see why, since as I indicated before Christians are all about how beautiful and glorious God’s creation is when it suits them. Probably has something to do with hippies.

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