Demons at Work

I’m sure we all know by now that such things as barcodes and Procter & Gamble are satanic, but we’ve apparently barely scratched the surface. At least that’s what Pat Robertson says.

It apparently can’t be the case that Ouija boards and such are just hokum; they have to be of Satan. The thing is, while we can laugh at people like Robinson (and I do, believe me), this kind of thing seems to be part of the dualism inherent in Christianity. Jesus himself said that he who was not with him was against him, right? So if something isn’t directly of God, it has to be of Satan. There’s no middle ground, and nothing can just be neutral. So since Buddhism doesn’t mesh with Christianity, a statue or painting of Buddha is an unholy abomination. This is also the sort of mindset that leads to the secular being considered evil, and any music that isn’t explicitly praising Jesus being best avoided. I really don’t think most Christians buy into this; for the majority, many things are neither strictly good nor evil. When you have a black and white mindset, however, you’re more or less left with the Robertson worldview.

Also from the source of this video, Unreasonable Faith, here’s Glenn Beck saying that our society is in bed with absolute evil, and the modern world is worshipping Baal.

Strange that a guy who has a fetish for gold on the same level as Gargamel has apparently forgotten that you can’t serve God and Mammon. Or maybe that’s not so strange at all. By the way, is the Semitic god’s name supposed to be pronounced “bale,” or more like “ball” with a longer A? The former seems more common (and what Beck uses, not that he’s some kind of expert), but I’ve come across the latter on occasion. Regardless of how his name is pronounced, I have to feel kind of bad for the guy. Lose the support of the prophets of Israel, and suddenly you’re a universal symbol of evil.

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