Dalton Fink

Anyone else who reads Captain SNES will have noticed that Dalton from Chrono Trigger recently made an appearance, and I thought he might be an interesting enough character to use as the focus of a post. Dalton is the head of security in the Kingdom of Zeal, and comes across as power-hungry but not very bright. That’s not to say that he can’t be a challenging foe at times, but he usually ends up making some kind of dumb mistake. As such, he’s essentially the game’s comic relief villain. He has the power to summon golems, and also belches quite often.

Your party fights him a few times in Zeal, as when he’s left in charge of the palace when Queen Zeal and her favorites are in the Ocean Palace seeking Lavos.

Then, when Zeal falls, he declares himself king, and uses Balthasar’s airship Blackbird as his own flying fortress. He also captures the party’s time ship, the Epoch, and converts it to his own flying throne. This is a rather impressive feat somewhat lessened by the fact that he calls it the “Aero-Dalton Imperial.”

One interesting thing is that, when he captures the party, he’s one of the few villains who actually thinks to take away their weapons, thereby showing a level of basic competence that most console role-playing game foes don’t have. So perhaps there’s a bit more to him than his buffoonery would suggest, but it comes to naught when he sucks himself into a warp zone trying to summon a no-longer-living golem. What happens to him is unclear in the original game, but apparently the remake indicates that he arrives in the recent past for Crono (which is the future for him), raises an army in Porre, and conquers Guardia, thus paving the way for the events of Chrono Cross. Captain SNES, which seems to be mostly ignoring Chrono Cross, provides another possibility for what might have happened to him. It looks like he’s going to gather a gang of comic-relief villains from other games, starting with Ultros and Chupon from Final Fantasy VI. This thread provides guesses as to who the other silhouettes in this comic might be.

One interesting thing about Dalton as he appears in the game is that his tendency to drop meta-references. There aren’t that many of them, but at one point he says to stop the music, which halts the soundtrack. As such, his reference to the spotlight in the comic is definitely in character. Dalton also says, “Houston, we have lift-off” when preparing to launch the now-flying Epoch, even though there’s no reason he would have any idea what Houston is. Maybe his insanity and the fact that he might realize he’s in a video game are linked. That still doesn’t explain the eyepatch or why his legs aren’t covered, though. Mostly, he’s just a really persistent idiot. No wonder his bookstore chain failed.

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