Why Do They Hate Mona?

Mona Eltahawy first came onto my radar when she appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, and she came across as very charismatic and likeable. Well-spoken, well-informed, unwilling to take crap, and attractive as well. Hardly someone I would think was particularly controversial, but apparently she is. She recently reported being assaulted by police while reporting on a riot in Egypt, and her columns receive some harsh criticism.

The thing is, it seems like the vast majority of the criticism and attacks come from Islamic fundamentalists, with a smattering from people who are totally opposed to Islam throw in. Eltahawy identifies as a liberal Muslim. I read a few of the comments on this article, and they were basically along the lines of “So who cares if women are treated like crap? That’s what Muhammad told us to do!” These religious fundamentalist trolls (and not all of them are Muslim by any means) presumably spend all their time searching for things to be outraged about, then leaving angry comments that could never possibly change anyone’s mind. That said, cultural relativism also comes into play, and there’s some criticism from liberals of the “hey, they’re making progress, so don’t rush them” variety. These people are sort of glacially progressive, I guess. “What do we want? Better treatment for women! When do we want it? Sometime in the next thousand years!” It really seems to me, however, that most of the people who hate Eltahawy hate ALL women, so there’s real reason to single her out. From what I’ve seen and heard of her, I really like her.

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3 Responses to Why Do They Hate Mona?

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  2. Young Muslimah says:

    Hi! I’m a practicing teenage Muslim and I think I might be able to explain why a lot of people dislike Mona Eltahaway. For Muslims, this lady has a LOT of issues, including demonizing those women who choose to observe Islamic dress codes, painting practicing Muslims as ‘scary’ and ‘the other’ (like we don’t have enough stigma to deal with), and propagating the idea that the only ‘American’ Muslims are those who are ‘liberal’ or non-practicing. I can see why people would be taken in by her, so I’m sorry that the only criticisms of her that you saw were by idiotic trolls.

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