Dorothy’s Adventures in Broadcasting

Isn’t it nice how people can mine Oz for TV shows that use only really basic ideas from the books? I understand that most of these mines are located in the northwestern Winkie Country. Anyway, here’s the synopsis: “Inspired by the book Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, a girl from Kansas City falls for a man and moves with him to the Emerald City to work at his Emerald Hotel. From writer Natalie Krinsky (Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy) and Warner Horizon Television.” Wait, based on Dorothy and the Wizard? Is that a mistake, or does it mean they’ll be visiting underground kingdoms? Because that might actually be interesting. Maybe some Mangaboos will check into the hotel.

If I were going to base a soap opera sort of show on an Oz book, I’d go with Tin Woodman. I don’t watch soaps, but a girl getting together with a man made out of parts of her two former lovers sounds right up that alley.

Of course, in Oz, a soap opera is a show sung by people from Suds, the most famous being Pezzo d’Olivella. And yes, I realize I’m mixing up soap operas with prime-time dramas, but how else could I make these jokes work?

I think the best idea might be to stick with the washed-up celebrity sort of reality show and focus on Jinjur, conqueror of the Emerald City turned farmer in a rocky marriage. Jinjur Snaps chronicles the day-to-day experiences of the former general.

Coming on after this is Keeping Up with the Cards, starring the King and Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. The public will eagerly tune in to see whether anyone is ever actually beheaded.

“They never executes nobody,” insists critic E.F. Gryphon, but do the viewers listen?
Also on the Fairyland Broadcasting Network is the Middle-Earth game show You Shall Not Pass.

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4 Responses to Dorothy’s Adventures in Broadcasting

  1. I was giggling shamelessly by the end…

  2. Anthony Will says:

    great post!! very funny!!

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