You Know Uno, But Do You Know O’No?

I’m sure you’ve all played Uno, which is more or less Crazy Eights with extra cards that do such things as reverse play and skip a person’s turn. It was invented in 1971 by a barber in Ohio (I’d previously reported that he was Hungarian, but this appears to be untrue), and I know I played it quite a bit in my own childhood. Back in the eighties, however, I recall there being another game by the same manufacturer called O’No 99, which included some of the same cards. I can actually only remember playing it once, and the point being not to be the person who lets the pile of played cards add up to ninety-nine or greater. In fact, there was one kind of card that would automatically lose the game, so you’d only play it if you had absolutely no choice. Anyway, I found the game described on Wikipedia and Board Game Geek, so I guess I’m not the only one who remembers its existence. It never caught on in the same way Uno did, however. For instance, it was never an application on Facebook, at least as far as I know.

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1 Response to You Know Uno, But Do You Know O’No?

  1. Gy. says:

    Please correct the data, the barber was not from Hngary, but from Reading, Ohio. An anon put this misleading information into the article four and a half years ago and no one reverted it.

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