There’s an Apophis for That

The Serpent’s Shadow, by Rick Riordan – The third and presumably final book in the Kane Chronicles has Sadie and Carter finally defeating the serpent Apophis, and ties up some other loose ends as well. Among other matters, the story addresses Carter’s relationship with Zia, Walt’s curse, Bes‘s missing soul, and Ra’s senility. Thoth makes another appearance, and we meet the modern forms of the prudish air god Shu and the hunting goddess Neith. There are still some threads left unresolved, however, particularly the whereabouts of the wily magician Setne, son of Ramses II. As such, I think it’s quite possible we’ll see these characters again, possibly in some sort of crossover. There have been hints that the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series take place in the same world, including a mention of other gods living in Manhattan and Thoth implying that he’s met Hermes. This book takes it a step further with a cameo appearance by Lacy and the manipulative Drew, daughters of Aphrodite, who appeared in The Lost Hero. They’re classmates of Sadie’s, and even mention that they went to summer camp together. Drew’s last name is apparently Tanaka, which makes me wonder if she’s Japanese. I can’t recall anything in Hero specifying. I’m also thinking about how Riordan mentioned a series on Norse mythology in the works. In Serpent’s Shadow, Felix is a specialist in ice magic, and it’s pointed out to him that the desert-dwelling Egyptians didn’t have an ice god. The Norse, on the other hand, had an ice goddess. Anyway, I like this series, and its switching off between the siblings as narrators is a nice touch. I’m definitely looking forward to whatever mythology-based adventure Riordan brings us next.

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