Flip-Flopping Fun

I wanted to say something about the events that occurred recently involving gay marriage, both the President coming out in favor of it (good) and North Carolina voting to ban it (bad, but unfortunately not unexpected). I guess there’s not really that much to say, though. I have to wonder what anyone gets out of saying other people can’t get married, because it really doesn’t affect them, but discrimination is generally not logical.

Of course, Fox News is having a field day calling Obama a flip-flopper. I actually caught a bit of Sean Hannity complaining that other media were saying Obama “evolved” on the position, while when Mitt Romney changes his mind he’s a flip-flopper. Never mind that “flip-flopper” was what the Republicans constantly called John Kerry. I’m a little iffy on the term myself, since it sort of suggests a politician can’t change his or her mind. I suppose the problem, however, lies in changing one’s mind not because of actual soul-searching, but rather due to political expediency. And is Obama’s position really politically expedient? It seems that it might not be, considering the North Carolina vote. Then again, were any of the anti-gay-marriage crowd going to vote for Obama anyway? Perhaps this is a sign that the President has stopped trying to appeal to a Republican Party that is determined to disagree with him on everything. And hey, some Republicans are for gay marriage. Why wouldn’t they be, if they’re the party of business? For a while, Obama was technically less progressive on this particular issue than Dick Cheney. Oh, and for everyone who thinks gay marriage should be put to a vote:

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4 Responses to Flip-Flopping Fun

  1. jthomasin says:

    I do not see how the move was political. Political in the sense of drawing a distinction between Romney and himself (Obama). But not in the sense that it was made out of desperation for support or anything. More than anything else it is a mark of change and difference. So slightly political I guess.

    • Nathan says:

      It’s a little hard to tell how political it is when we don’t really know how Obama feels, but it didn’t SEEM political to me. That’s why I can’t see it as flip-floppery. It’s probably more his actual beliefs coming out.

  2. Yeah, if he were flip-flopping, wouldn’t that mean he would have specifically said he was AGAINST gay marriage before? Which I don’t think he’s done.

    And I sincerely doubt his saying this will LOSE him voters. Anyone who’s against gay marriage has probably hated Obama all along.

    • Nathan says:

      I think before he said he was in favor of civil unions, which generally seems to mean you’re okay with gay marriage but are willing to call it something different if that will appease the homophobes. The problem is that it never does, which is why that tactic appears to be less common nowadays than it was a few years back.

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