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Pickings from the Poetree

The Cheerful Citizens of Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Since this is just a book of poems about Oz characters, there isn’t too much to say about it. They’re in Thompson’s typical light style of verse, pleasant enough but … Continue reading

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Glad to Be Gayelette

Picture by Shawn Maldonado In Chapter 14 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the King of the Winged Monkeys tells a story that comes off as a major tangent. It tells more about the history of the Winged Monkeys, but … Continue reading

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The Blurst of Seasons

The main thing I gathered from the twenty-third season of The Simpsons was that the writers aren’t really all that interested in writing stories for the Simpsons universe anymore. Rather, they want to write unrelated plots that somehow shoehorn in … Continue reading

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Stereotype of the Stubborn Skeptic

I mentioned while talking about Once Upon a Time that the protagonist, Emma Swan, was yet another skeptic who wouldn’t believe what was in front of her face until something major happened. This is a pretty common trope, with the … Continue reading

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The Bardot’s Tale

It’s hard not to like Brigitte Bardot, or at least Brigitte Bardot as she was in the past. She radiated sex appeal, and was considered a liberated woman for her time. Bardot was a style icon as well, one of … Continue reading

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The Scorpion Queen

The scorpion is an animal that is rather fascinating in its creepiness. With its sleek body and venomous sting, it’s like nature’s compact killing machine. Not to mention that they thrive in inhospitable deserts. When I wrote my short story … Continue reading

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Serge, April, and France (Not Their Real Names)

I’m pretty sure I first heard about French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg from sarah. What I didn’t realize at first was that a good number of the songs on April March’s first album, Paris in April, were Serge’s compositions. April is … Continue reading

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Remember What the Dormouse Said

A little while ago, Jared mentioned that he didn’t like the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” because Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland wasn’t about drugs. I have to say I agree. That’s not to say there aren’t any drug references in … Continue reading

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Fictional Characters Walk Among Us

As a fairy tale fan, I recently decided I should try watching Once Upon a Time. Most of the episodes aren’t available, but I did see the pilot and the most recent ones, which were On Demand. It’s made by … Continue reading

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Flip-Flopping Fun

I wanted to say something about the events that occurred recently involving gay marriage, both the President coming out in favor of it (good) and North Carolina voting to ban it (bad, but unfortunately not unexpected). I guess there’s not … Continue reading

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