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The Crow and the Cup

Since I mentioned the constellation Corvus in a recent post, I might as well say a little more about the mythology surrounding this constellation. If you recall, Corvus is also the main villain of Dragon Quest IX, as the Celestrians … Continue reading

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Young Frankenfood

I don’t know a whole lot about genetically modified food, but I can’t say as I’m opposed to the idea in general. Sure, people say that eating it could turn you into a slug, but that’s ridiculous. The formula to … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Party Like an Atari Party

Today is the fortieth anniversary of Atari, which ties in nicely with the fact that I’m now reading a book about the history of video games. Founded by Nolan Bushnell and named after a term from the game Go roughly … Continue reading

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Nature Is Satan’s Church

Beth, in her quest to watch the most disturbing movies, recently had me watch Lars von Trier’s Antichrist and Melancholia. I’m not sure I’d place either of these in the horrifically disturbing category, despite some very difficult to watch scenes … Continue reading

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Plight of the Private Citizen

Thinking back to my earlier post about fictional societies that value reason above all things, I realized that there’s one Oz character for whom the same thing is true. This is Tititi-Hoochoo, the Great Jinjin and Private Citizen of a … Continue reading

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Road to Utgard

One of the better known stories from Norse mythology, or at least one of the ones I’ve come across most often, is that of Thor and Loki’s visit to the giants. There doesn’t appear to be much reason why they’re … Continue reading

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Looking Sideways at the Girl Anachronism

As a fan of Amanda Palmer, I’ve noticed that it’s pretty much impossible for someone to mention her without getting a million negative comments about how she’s racist, transphobic, ableist (I didn’t even know that was a word before this), … Continue reading

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