The Name’s Mario. MARIO Mario.

In the earlier days of my Mario fandom, I’d occasionally hear someone suggest that the references to “Mario Bros.” mean “Mario” is their last name. I never bought into that at the time; there’s really no reason they couldn’t have a first name before the “Bros.”, although I do think that would make poor Luigi jealous. Turns out I was wrong, though. As indicated here, for many people the knowledge that Mario’s last name is also Mario comes from the movie. Since the movie also makes Toad a folk singer who gets a dinosaur head and Yoshi a velociraptor, I wouldn’t generally consider that an official source for anything, but apparently Nintendo has declared that Mario Mario is officially his name. Kind of unfortunate for him, isn’t it? I have to wonder what his middle name is, because if that’s also Mario, I have to wonder why his parents were so uncreative. I guess it would be like Major Major Major in Catch-22. That said, I’m not sure if he has it any worse than Sega’s mascot. His full name, as I just found out, really is “Sonic The Hedgehog.”

Speaking of video game names, there was a Super Show episode in which Toad identified himself as one of the Fungusville Toads. So is “Toad” really his LAST name, or do names work differently in the Mushroom Kingdom? Not that the Super Show is in any way canonical, but I’ve always been someone who would use data from extra-canonical sources when it didn’t directly contradict the canon. Actually, in Paper Mario, a lot of the Toads have pun names ended with T, the T presumably standing for “Toad.” So I guess we have Tayce Toad, Zess Toad, Minh Toad, and Princess Peach’s loyal Mushroom Retainer Toad Toad. I once joked that his full name is Toadrick. Oh, and according to the Super Show, his father’s name was Moldy.

Maybe “Toad” is a clan name, as “Koopa” seems to be. Everyone in Bowser’s immediate family has that last name, but it’s also the name of the tribe that he rules. I believe the earliest instruction books referred to him as “King of the Koopa.”

Source: Benjamin T. Dickens
Also, what about how the main character of Kid Icarus is called Pit?

Is “Kid Icarus” simply a reference to how he’s a kid with wings, as Icarus once flew on homemade wings? If so, it’s a rather insulting nickname, as the wings led to Icarus’ untimely death.

Or maybe the character’s full name is Pit Icarus. Obviously all of this is of more interest to me than it is to Nintendo.

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5 Responses to The Name’s Mario. MARIO Mario.

  1. sixpuns says:

    There is (or rather, there was) the possibility that we’d been calling Mario by his last name. At least now we know for sure.

    • Nathan says:

      That’s true. Even though Mario was allegedly named after landlord Mario Segale, there’s no reason it couldn’t have been a last name in the games.

  2. Mario500 says:

    Since the character’s first name and last name is Mario and it was established with the original Mario Bros., there is no need to say there was a possibility that we have been calling Mario by last name, which does not matter anyway since his first name and last name are the same. As for the landlord he was named after, the correct spelling of his last name is Segale. The spelling “Segali” was a mistake in the book “Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured Your Dollars, and Enslaved Your Children” first published in 1993. You may read more information about Mario Segale at the following address:

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