Run Romney Run

So, Mitt Romney apparently has a plan to put the country back to work, despite being known for gutting companies and firing people. Why do I have the feeling that it involves deregulation and letting corporations do whatever they want, even though that usually means hiring the absolute minimum of people at the lowest wages possible? Aren’t these the same policies that got the nation into economic trouble in the first place? Oh, but Romney knows what he’s doing because he’s had business experience, unlike Obama. Also unlike Paul Ryan, whom Romney chose as his running mate, but never mind that. Why is it so important for a president to have been a businessman, anyway? According to Romney, Obama thinks jobs come from government, or whatever it was he said. If this isn’t true, then how are you going to solve the job crisis from a government position? The government can’t create private sector jobs, but they can regulate things to make sure businesses that can afford to hire more people are doing so, right? The laissez-faire attitude only works for a very small number of people. Mind you, to hear the politicians (and not just the Republicans) talk, everyone can just start their own businesses. I wish more people would acknowledge that not everyone can or should start a business. It requires skills that not everybody has. I know I couldn’t run a business, even if I DID have a product or service I could sell.

Hey, Obama has had his problems, and I’m disappointed he didn’t do more to try to improve the work situation. Mind you, he now has a Republican-controlled Congress blocking his every move, even when it was their idea in the first place. It’s so ridiculous when Romney complains about ObamaCare when he essentially came up with it. Even when the Congress was under Democratic control, however, I don’t know that Obama took full advantage of the fact. In the past, he’s been determined to give the Republicans at least some of what they want, and they’re not having it. I was hoping that, even if he wouldn’t be able to advance more progressive policies, he’d at least TRY. I do think he’s getting better in that respect, though. Obama didn’t ruin the country; he just hasn’t been as successful in helping it as he presumably wanted to be. The Republicans, however, are presenting all our economic woes as Obama’s fault. They’re still riding the idea that he’s too naive to be president, that he’s essentially just some rube who somehow finagled his way into the highest office in the land. He just doesn’t understand how the country works, apparently. It seems to me that the Republicans would love this guy, not only because of his desire to cater to them, but because he really DID pull himself up by the bootstraps. But no, they present him as an outsider, and do whatever they can to argue that he’s illegitimate. I understand Donald Trump wants to see his Harvard transcript, because…you need to have gotten good grades to be President? What’s that all about? Obviously the Republicans aren’t going to like a Democratic president very much no matter what, but there’s a real lack of basic respect for the guy.

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  1. halinabq says:

    Hey, wouldn’t it be so great though is you could just abolish government regulations and cut taxes and everything would be fine? I always wonder which regulations we should abolish first: the ones that protect the health and safety of workers, the ones that protect the health, safety, and pocketbooks of consumers, or the ones that preserve our natural resources for future generations. Hell, let’s just get rid of all of them and go back to the good ol’ days of rat poison in sausages and coal miners dying in droves from black lung disease; as long as the corporations make great profits and the stock market goes up, who cares about a little collateral damage?

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