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A Russian Religious Rip-Off

Slavic mythology is not as well attested as the beliefs of other contemporary societies, with records being sparse. Still, it appears that at least one of the main gods, if not THE main god, was a storm deity named Perun. … Continue reading

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Act Like a Gender Stereotype, Think Like a Different Gender Stereotype

We now take a break from posts about nursery rhymes and cartoon ducks to bring you something much more ridiculous. This is old news, really, but I think of it when I see advertisements for Steve Harvey’s show on buses … Continue reading

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Calisota, Here We Come

As I just read some of Carl Barks’s Duck comics and I have an interest in locating fictional places, let’s take a look at Donald Duck’s hometown. While Barks originally claimed his hometown was Burbank, where the Disney Studios are … Continue reading

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Cole Mining

While we know that Old King Cole was a merry old soul with a love for music, whether he actually existed is a matter of some debate. There are records of a few different British rulers named Coel, dating back … Continue reading

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Tubby Little Cubby All Stuffed with Fluff

From what I understand, Walt Disney wanted to make a feature film of A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh stories, but decided to start out making shorts. After his death, three of the shorts (only the first of which was released during Walt’s … Continue reading

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Half a Wish and Nothing Else

Anyone who wants to read book reviews is in luck, because I have two of them here. Half Magic, by Edward Eager – Eager’s children’s books are largely based on those by Edith Nesbit, a connection he acknowledges within the … Continue reading

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Koopa Family Scandal

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Super Mario series, recently dropped a bit of a Bob-ombshell when he claimed the Koopalings weren’t actually Bowser’s kids. This raised some conversation as to whether they were ever declared to be his kids in … Continue reading

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