Misadventures in Mapping Mario

With my fondness for maps of fantasy lands, I’ve long had it in my head to make a map of the Mushroom World. I’m apparently not alone in this, as I’ve found a few such maps online. Not really that many, though, and it doesn’t help that Nintendo is never particularly consistent with the in-game maps. To begin with, here’s the map from Super Mario RPG:

And here’s the one from Paper Mario:

PM is said to take place entirely in the Mushroom Kingdom, while SMRPG makes the Kingdom a location on the northeastern plateau. From what I’ve heard, however, the town called “Mushroom Kingdom” in the English translation is Toad Town in the original Japanese. Toad Town appears in several games after this, including PM, in which it has a seaport. Hence, its SMRPG location on a plateau is quite unlikely. Now we move on to Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, a game I haven’t played. Here’s the map from that one:

Peach’s Castle and Toad Town are in the center, with Bowser’s Castle in the northwest and Yoshi’s Island in the southwest. Yoshi’s Island might or might not be the same place as Yo’ster Isle, the southernmost land visited in SMRPG. If so, the directions are roughly consistent with that game, but the distances between the places aren’t. Now here’s the map from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story:

It’s tiny, but here Bowser’s Castle is in the upper right part of the map, presumably in the opposite direction from Toad Town. No reason Bowser couldn’t have more than one castle, but I do wish there had been more of an effort at consistency. Oh, well. Here’s the map from the Super Mario Advance version of Super Mario Bros. 3:

That appears to be the Koopa Kingdom in the center right, so maybe that’s more support for the Inside Story map, although there Bowser’s Castle isn’t on an island.

As far as fan-made maps go, here’s one by Bill Mudron, showing the locations from the NES and Super NES games. It’s superbly drawn, but maybe not all that accurate, considering that Yoshi’s Island is shown in two different places. At least I assume it’s the same Yoshi’s Island in the two Super Mario World games. Another artist, placed the lands from SMB3 on two separate continents. These include locations from more recent games as well, and while the Super Mario Advance map shows most of these lands as separate islands, it’s a very noble attempt to put everything together.

Now, here’s my attempt:

This one adds in other lands in the Mushroom World:

Yeah, they’re sloppy, and not at all to scale. Mind you, my attempt to do right by the PM map added to my difficulty in this respect. Since there are frozen lands in the northern part of the map and a tropical-style island in the south, you’d think this place would cover a lot of latitude. Isle Delfino, which is definitely tropical, should perhaps be at about the same latitude as Lavalava Island, and I certainly didn’t accomplish this. Mind you, there might be a lot about Mushroom World climate we don’t know. I put the lands from SMRPG to the west of the PM section, and the places from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to the east. I placed the Beanbean Kingdom, which is said to share its northeastern border with the Mushroom Kingdom, along the side of the SMRPG lands. Dinosaur Land is approximately where Yo’ster Isle is in SMRPG, and I’ll admit to putting the other countries in pretty much haphazardly wherever there was space. Some come from games with which I’m not very familiar, so the Mario Wiki was a big help. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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