Where’s Where in Wonderland

Yes, it’s more of my ongoing obsession with maps of fantasy lands. This time, we’re returning to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. As I mentioned here, it’s difficult to map a dream, as everything keeps changing around. Still, I came across some maps this week that made a quite noble attempt. A little searching revealed that they were for the Savage Worlds role-playing system.

As you can see, whoever drew these took some liberties, but included the major locations from the books. As you can see, the two maps are contiguous, with the lands separated by the Dividing Mountains and the Tulgey Wood. It’s an interesting touch that the three main royal couples have capital cities called Faith, Hope, and Charity; I don’t know why this would be, but it’s a neat pattern. I wonder if the Diamond Keep is where the King and Queen of Diamonds live. Finally, you’ll notice that the direction to Snark Island is indicated on the map of the Monarchy of Hearts. I applaud the makers for deriving some geographical sense out of Carroll’s nonsense.

This post, which is actually where I first saw these maps, discusses various attempts to bring Wonderland into the world of role-playing. One bit of Carroll’s work that shows up pretty often is the Vorpal Sword, which apparently appears in Dungeons & Dragons as a weapon that beheads opponents. It’s also in some of the Final Fantasy games.

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