Fairytale of New York

Enchanted – A cute film that can probably most accurately be described as gentle self-parody on Disney’s part. It lightly mocks elements of Disney’s fairy tale films (particularly Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) while still maintaining the structure of a fairy tale. It looked from the commercials that it would focus on New York being essentially the anti-fantasy city, and there was some of that. When Giselle said no one was nice to her and Robert replied with, “Welcome to New York,” that was pretty cliché. As my wife mentioned early on, so many movies make New York City look either totally nasty or magical. For the most part, though, I think they highlighted the culture shock without making New York seem terrible. And I did enjoy the scene where Giselle called the mice, pigeons, and bugs of the city to help her clean up. Nice play on a Disney trope there. If there was an overarching message to the whole thing, perhaps it was that fairy tales are unrealistic, but there might be something to them anyway. Kind of a compromise, I suppose. Anyway, the film didn’t blow me away, but it was fun.

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2 Responses to Fairytale of New York

  1. Anthony Will says:

    oh I loved this movie and thought Amy Adams was marvelous

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