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Oh, Mickey, You’re So Fine

Following my recent trend of reading old comics, I recently finished the first two volumes of Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse strips, Race to Death Valley and Trapped on Treasure Island. The situation here is sort of the reverse of Popeye, … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Everyday

A few years ago, Beth showed me a movie her family had found in the video store some time before that, the 1995 film Ice Cream Man. It stars Clint Howard as a former mental patient who’s now a murderous … Continue reading

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Well, I’ll Be Popeyed!

As you may know, Popeye was first introduced in 1929 as a supporting character in Elzie Segar’s existing comic strip Thimble Theatre. He proved to be so popular that he returned in later storylines, and soon had essentially taken over … Continue reading

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Tyr’s Day Night Live

Tyr is the Norse god of war, and as such is often associated with the Greek Ares or the Roman Mars. He’s thought to have been a major player in his own pantheon, probably being the chief god in some … Continue reading

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Norse Code

Eight Days of Luke, by Diana Wynne Jones – This story follows the pattern we often see in Jones’s books, starting with a mundane premise and bringing the magical world into play gradually. This time, the old Norse gods are … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with Ben Cooper

My wife has recently been obsessed by crappy Halloween costumes, and I figured that might be a decent subject for a post. Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of such costumes was Ben Cooper, Inc., a company that started out making … Continue reading

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Permanent Records

J.L. Bell recently wrote about Glinda’s Great Book of Records, and I don’t think I ever did a proper entry on this magical item, so I might as well say a bit about it now. The Book, which is sometimes … Continue reading

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A Sketchy Deal

Big Bird was apparently what most people took away from the first presidential debate, and it looks like that honor in the second goes to Mitt Romney’s binders full of women. The thing is, as ridiculous as that sounds, it … Continue reading

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Don’t Care About Health Care

Mitt Romney, the man who started a health care plan in Massachusetts that was a model for ObamaCare, is now saying that uninsured people don’t have to worry because they can just go to the emergency room. Shouldn’t that be … Continue reading

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Bringing Ganon Back

Ganon is defeated at the end of pretty much every Zelda game, yet somehow he always comes back to fight another day. Usually the games are silent on how he keeps returning, but both the Oracle games and The Adventure … Continue reading

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