Let’s Get Dangerous

Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns – From what I’ve read, this comic was fully intended as a somewhat nostalgic project, geared toward people who watched the cartoon growing up. It uses the cliché of the superhero coming back onto the scene after in absence, and in this case Darkwing gave up crime-fighting a year previously when the robots made by a mega-corporation called Quackwerks went into action. Former heroes and villains of St. Canard work at Quackwerks until Darkwing starts noticing some shady activity and investigates the company, finding an old nemesis in charge. At about the same time, other villains try for revenge on the corporation. The humor is similar to that on the show, and there are flashbacks to increasingly odd past adventures. The story incorporates a good many elements from the show, and also takes advantage of the connection to DuckTales, featuring appearances by Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and Magica de Spell. On the cartoon, I remember Magica making a brief appearance along with the Beagle Boys, and Scrooge was mentioned, but this comic does more with the DuckTales characters (who, in these three cases, were actually Carl Barks’s creations). There’s even a brief Rescue Rangers reference. It doesn’t look like the local library system has the next volume, but I’ll be sure to read it at some point.

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