Sissy Fuss

You know who Sisyphus is, right? He’s the guy who has to push a boulder to the top of a hill, only to have it roll right back down again once he reaches the top. Why is he subject to such a harsh punishment, though? It seems to have something to do with his having been a mean trickster during his lifetime, and to have killed travelers and guests. He was the founder and first King of Corinth, which he ruled tyrannically. Sisyphus betrayed Zeus’s secrets, and married an nymph named Merope, who was one of the Pleaides. And yes, Merope was also the name of Voldemort’s mother. He managed to cheat death a few times, first by tricking Thanatos into chaining himself, with Ares setting the god of death free. Then he told Merope to throw his dead body into the public square, after which he convinced Persephone to let him return to Earth to chastise his wife for not giving him a proper burial (even though that was his idea in the first place). It’s not entirely clear which crime led to his torment in Hades, or if it was a combination of things.

In Diana Wynne Jones’s The Game, it’s said that Jupiter punished him for marrying an immortal, but this doesn’t seem to have been a problem for mythical mortals in general.

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5 Responses to Sissy Fuss

  1. Have you ever played Rock of Ages on PS3? It tells a crazy story about Sisyphus escaping…it’s pretty funny too.

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