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The Woman Who Died a Lot, by Jasper Fforde – While the sixth book in the Thursday Next series, One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, took place almost entirely in the BookWorld, this one is set in what passes for the real world. This is often just as bizarre as the BookWorld, however, with its Gravitubes, cloned Neanderthals and dodos, unified religion, and time travel. Well, the last of those is actually discovered to be an impossibility, which is a shame when Thursday’s son Friday had a bright future ahead of him in the ChronoGuard. Instead he’s now destined to murder his sister’s friend in just a few days. In addition to this, Thursday’s third child isn’t even real, but a trick of her memory played by an old enemy. And Swindon is set for a smiting by God, who has decided to reveal Himself. Even without the visits inside literature, it’s a complex and entertaining tale. The title refers to Thursday’s consciousness being transferred into synthetic versions of herself, which allows her to die multiple times. If you’ve read the rest of the series, you’ll want to pick up this one. You’d probably want to even without my review, though.

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