Let’s See the Monkees

It’s pretty well known that Mike Nesmith hasn’t wanted anything to do with any of the recent Monkees reunion concerts. He played a few shows in the nineties, but quit partway through the tour. Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork allegedly didn’t get along at all, but they were still willing to pretend to for two-hour blocks on stage. After Davy died, however, Mike was willing to join the other two surviving members for a brief tour. I’m not privy to the politics that resulted in this decision, but Beth and I saw them on Thursday night. She’s actually going to more shows, but that one was it for me. They played quite a few of Mike’s songs, which was cool. They tend to be Beth’s favorite Monkees numbers, and I think that kind of rubbed off on me as well. Her observation on the show was, “Mike Nesmith is magic.” Mike also provided the sounds of the original Moog synthesizer on “Daily Nightly.” Peter sang “Early Morning Blues and Greens,” which I understand he had wanted to sing anyway, but it was given to Davy. For “Daydream Believer,” they had a guy from the audience come up on stage to sing it.

When I saw the Monkees live before, back when Davy was still around, they did a lot of obviously rehearsed banter. There was considerably less of it this time, with one song often leading right into another. They still did some, though, and at one point Mike referenced the Nigerian Prince e-mail scam.

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3 Responses to Let’s See the Monkees

  1. Anthony Will says:

    I think I’d just rather watch “Head” on the big screen. Not a big monkeys fan. The clearer you can remember the original show, the less of a fan you are.

    • Nathan says:

      I’ve actually seen very little of the original show, although Beth grew up watching it. I did see and enjoy Head, though. Who would have thought a manufactured pop band from the sixties would come up with such an avant-garde film?

  2. Eeeeeccchhh! The original Monkees show was soooo awful! 30 minutes of twentysomething guys riding tricycles around in circles, mugging for the camera and cracking thoroughly unfunny jokes. There were a few good pop tunes along the way, mostly written by other people. Let it go.

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