Back to Rome

The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan – The third book in the Heroes of Olympus series has the parties from the first two join forces to fight the forces of Gaea. While this means people from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter working together, enmity between the two camps remains, and becomes even worse when eidolon possession causes Leo Valdez to open fire on the New Roman camp. The journey of the heroes takes them to Atlanta, where they battle sea monsters at an aquarium, and eventually to the original Rome itself. Putting in appearances this time are more of the fearsome Gigantes, the revenge goddess Nemesis, the nastier-than-advertised Hercules, and the transformed weaver Arachne.
I’m not sure the ichthyocentaurs are actually from classical mythology, but they’re clearly inspired by it. As usual, the demigod heroes need to use all of their abilities and a few tricks to get past everything Gaea throws at them, and the adventure ends in a cliffhanger, with Percy and Annabeth on their way to Tartarus. There’s a fair amount of comic relief along the way, much of it provided by the violence-obsessed satyr Coach Gleeson Hedge. If you don’t find a satyr singing the Pokémon theme with “kill” in place of “catch” amusing, well, our senses of humor are pretty different.

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