It Might Be a New Year

Beth and I rang in this new year with They Might Be Giants at the Williamsburg Hall of Music in Brooklyn. It was a pretty nice venue, and surprisingly not too crowded, considering that the show was supposed to have sold out. The opener was a band called Moon Hooch, which consisted of a drummer and two saxophonists. They did all instrumentals, and I have to say I didn’t care for them. When TMBG came on stage, they opened with “Older,” which I guess was appropriate for the night even though I really wouldn’t mind not hearing it live again. At midnight, they played “Auld Lang Syne,” although they didn’t include as many verses as they have at past New Year’s shows. The setlist also included a few previews of their upcoming album, including “Call You Mom,” “Nanobots,” and something about karate. Another one was called “Insect Hospital,” a title they’d been tossing around for years. I seem to remember it being suggested as a possible album title, and they once did an improvisational song called “After Hours Party at the Insect Hospital.” The new “Insect Hospital” song is totally different from that one, by the way. A rendition of “Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal” with horns with pretty cool, as were “Mr. Me,” “Whistling in the Dark,” and “Where Your Eyes Don’t Go.” Their previous two concerts, which Beth attended but I didn’t, were advertised as their playing half of Lincoln and half of Flood each night. From what Beth told me, though, they didn’t play “The World’s Address,” “I’ve Got a Match,” or “You’ll Miss Me” on either night. The sock puppets known as the Avatars of They showed up to perform “He’s Loco,” and Robin Goldwasser sang “Dr. Evil.” Not sure why they dug up that one for tonight, but it’s always cool to see Robin. She was wearing a fur coat and hat, and I tried to get a picture of her, but none of them came out. They introduced her with the Dallas theme, which I know they’d played in the past as introductory music for Corn Mo, because he’s originally from Dallas. I’m not sure why they decided to transfer it over to Robin. I can’t think of anything else to say just now, so that concludes my first post of 2013.

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