Dorothy’s Adventures Under Ground

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, adapted by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young – The series of graphic adaptations continues with this fourth Oz book, which was never one of my favorites. Perhaps it’s because of how the Emerald City is so unwelcoming to the newcomers here. Aside from Dorothy, the only one who is welcomed with open arms is the one who had deceived the whole country and who had last been seen fleeing in disgrace. Go figure. As usual, Shanower’s script follows the original text quite faithfully, although Dorothy brings up the Magic Picture earlier on, which helps the story somewhat. As for the illustrations, Young tends to do an interesting job with the more bizarre and creepy creations, of which there are many in this book: the vegetable Mangaboos, the friendly but odd Braided Man, and the wooden Gargoyles. Some of my favorites this time included the Wizard slicing the prickly sorcerer Gwig in two (Oscar looks like he’s doing a move from a samurai movie there), the Braided Man’s workshop, the Munchkin wrestler, and the flashbacks to the Wizard’s past. I didn’t much care for his drawings of Eureka, but I found his Jim to be quite expressive.

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