Broken Spanish in the Daytime

Camper Van Beethoven, La Costa Perdida – It’s been a long time since the last album by this band. They reformed in the early aughts and put out New Roman Times, but it’s been more than eight years since then, during which the band has been touring but not releasing anything new. This has finally changed, although in some ways I have to say this comes across as more of a Cracker album. That is, I tend to see CVB as a fun band, and Cracker as a bit darker and angstier (and not just because the first song on their first album was called “Teen Angst”). This album has more of the melancholy sound I associate with Cracker. I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense, though, since that’s what David Lowery has mostly been concentrating on for many years now. The heavy use of violin marks it as more Camper-ish, however, and it’s not like it really matters anyway, as I like both of Lowery’s bands. The general theme of the album is Northern California, an area to which the band has a strong connection. There are only ten tracks, one of which is an instrumental. I think my favorite is the upbeat “Peaches in the Summertime,” although the super-catchy title track provides some stiff competition. “Summer Days” revives the band’s psychedelic sound, and I enjoy the lyrics to “Too High for the Love-In.” “You Got to Roll” and “Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out” haven’t really grabbed me so far, but they can’t all be winners. Besides, I’ve been known to change my mind on such matters.

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