Red and Yellow and Green and Brown and Scarlet and Black and Ochre and Peach

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – This was the direct-to-video release of the musical from 1999. While pretty corny (how could an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical starring Donny Osmond NOT be?), it was also fun.

The story is a rather direct telling of the story of Joseph from Genesis, featuring a lot of jokes and meta-references in the lyrics by Tim Rice. I’d say the main appeal to the show is the variety of musical numbers. The Pharaoh sings an Elvis-inspired song, and Joseph’s brothers participate in western, French, and calypso performances. An odd conceit of the video version (no idea if it was also used in stage productions) is that the whole thing is presented as a performance at a school, with the kids providing additional vocals. It starts out silent as everyone files into the auditorium, only moving into sound when the first song begins, making for an odd effect. In addition to Osmond, the performance stars Richard Attenborough as Jacob and Joan Collins as Potiphar’s wife. The guy who played Potiphar reminded me of the late Glenn Shadix, but wasn’t.

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