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Sexist Silliness

I’ve been thinking about different levels of misogyny since seeing some of the reactions to Seth MacFarlane’s performance at the Oscars, and I have to suspect this commenter on a Jezebel article might have it right. Sure, Seth told some … Continue reading

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Games and Gods

There are some interesting thoughts in this video. I haven’t played all of the Final Fantasy games, but fighting gods or god-like beings is pretty common in the ones I have. In some ways, I don’t think it’s necessarily anti-religious … Continue reading

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Light Makes Right

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light – I can’t say I’ve read much about this game, but I’ve had it for a while, and I finally decided to try it. It reminds me a little of Final Fantasy Mystic … Continue reading

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Taking Down Chris Brown

I’ve talked about the situation with Chris Brown and Rihanna a few times, but it was brought to my mind again by the fact that Seth MacFarlane made a joke about it at the Oscars (I missed this part of … Continue reading

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Snuffle Off to Buffalo

It’s weird what you can turn up when you do just a brief Internet search for a commonly known topic. In this case, it’s that Mr. Snuffleupagus’ parents were going to get a divorce, but the episode didn’t test well … Continue reading

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Comics from Calatia

In addition to the Mario and Captain N comics, Valiant’s Nintendo Comics System also included a Zelda series. Like the others, it was influenced by the DiC cartoons, which means we get a lot of Link hitting on Zelda, but … Continue reading

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We’re Floating Along in a Yellow Boat

Yellow Submarine – Beth and I actually watched this for the first time last night. She hated it, but I thought it was cute. Nonetheless, I can see why someone might not like it; it was kind of slow and … Continue reading

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