Let’s Go Avenging

I watched The Avengers during the Superbowl, which should give me some sort of geek cred, right? It was a film I’d wanted to see in the theater, and I probably would have liked it more if I had. It was one of those things that just seems like it would be more impressive on the big screen. I liked it, but I really didn’t think it needed to be that long. It’s not like the plot was something complex that they had to take time to develop. Really, most superhero movies have the same plot: some nasty evil bad guy wants to cause massive destruction and/or take over the world. What makes such a movie work are the characters, and I do think the ones here were interesting. I didn’t know too much about some of them, as I’m not really a comics reader and the only one of their movies I’d seen before was Thor. I think some of the best moments were when the characters were getting to know each other and arguing amongst themselves. Considering how long the movie was, it kind of seems like there could have been more of that. I also have to say there wasn’t much development for Hawkeye, and unlike the others he didn’t have his own movie. He was brainwashed for most of the film, then showed up to fight with the Avengers at the end. Also, the stuff about Asgard being another planet was kind of bizarre. I suppose Loki’s army of weird creatures bent on destruction didn’t need any background, but what about the guy who sent Loki back to Earth? I’d probably knew who he was if I read the comics, but as it is I can’t say I do. It was a fun enough film, but I didn’t like it as much as I’d hoped.

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4 Responses to Let’s Go Avenging

  1. Ooo, you haven’t seen the Iron Man movies? They’re good!

    I also thought Hawkeye got shorted out– for people who aren’t familiar with the character (ie, me), we never get a chance to know him before he goes evil for most of the movie. Kind of loses some effect there.

    But I enjoyed the movie, and agree that the best parts were the character interactions. Hmm, shockingly similar to the Hobbit movie in that respect. When do you think adventure-movie directors will realize people actually DO appreciate character building and don’t need action-for-the-sake-of-action? (Or can we blame the directors in every case? Joss Whedon is all ABOUT character building, but he apparently had to give in to the whims of higher-ups a lot in Avenger-making).

    • Nathan says:

      Yeah, I don’t know that any one person can be blamed for sacrificing character for action. It’s essentially just what Hollywood thinks audiences want, and perhaps in many cases it really is. I’m just saying that I value character interaction more. And I do intend to see the Iron Man movies, as well as the Captain America one.

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