Algolics Anonymous

I’ve played a bit of Phantasy Star II (originally for the Sega Genesis, but I have the Game Boy Advance version) recently. I’d actually gotten through a little more of the game than I thought when I played it a few years ago, but I still needed a walkthrough to know how to progress. The dungeons in the game are rather confusing, although not as bad as in the first Phantasy Star, where they were all in first-person view. PS2 has an overhead view, but it’s still a bit difficult to find your way around.

As with the first game in the series, PS2 takes place in the Algol System of the Andromeda Galaxy. Now, however, a millennium has passed, and the desert planet of Motavia has been terraformed into a lush, fertile place. The only problem is that the bio-systems have started malfunctioning, and weird monsters are everywhere. It’s suspected that something has gone wrong with Mother Brain, the supercomputer that controls all the systems on Motavia. It seems that, in the video game universe, Mother Brains are always bad news.

Your main character is a government agent named Rolf (although I called him Zaln after a character in one of my Oz stories), but he can recruit eight other characters, three of whom can be in the active party with Rolf at any given time. Each new character shows up in Rolf’s hometown when you’ve reached a certain point in the game, and I’ve now met three: the soldier-turned-hunter Rudolf, the human-monster hybrid Nei, and the medical doctor Amy. As a doctor, the latter basically plays the same role that a healer, priest, or white mage would in a more fantasy-oriented game. So far, I’ve reached the Bio-Systems Lab, and have been exploring, but mostly just gaining experience and money. There’s already been a rather dark part where a man overcome by chaos kills first his daughter and then himself. I plan to continue with the game, but I might need to seek out some maps first.

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