The Mail Must Get Through

Going Postal – This is the third live-action adaptation of a Discworld book, and there really doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the order in which they made them. The last one was The Color of Magic, based on the first two books, while Going Postal is a relatively recent addition (well, within the past ten years, anyway) to the series. Anyway, it was a pretty faithful adaptation, probably helped by the fact that it was three hours long, so they could fit in a lot of stuff. It was originally shown in two parts, so I guess it was sort of a mini-series. There were things that I noticed weren’t included, but these didn’t really affect the story. I did think it was weird that the race ended up being to Uberwald instead of Genua; it didn’t affect the plot, but I have to wonder why the change was made. The actors all played their roles quite well, particularly Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart. She might be an actress we’ll have to watch in future, what with the star of Hogfather now being on that Downton Abbey show that everybody talks about but I have no interest in. The look of the film was great as usual, and I thought rendering Moist von Lipwig’s dreams as silent movies was an interesting touch. I noticed that the banshee looked like an old-school movie monster, and I was glad to see how the Clacks worked, since that always confused me a bit when I read about it in the books. It was also nice to see some characters who didn’t play major roles in this book but did in others, like the werewolf Sergeant Angua and the vampire photographer Otto Chriek. As with the other two films, Terry Pratchett himself had a cameo. In conclusion, I’m going to recommend this, but with the caveat that a viewer should probably be at least somewhat familiar with the Discworld series before watching.

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5 Responses to The Mail Must Get Through

  1. I watched this when it came out because it had Alex Price in it. In a minor role, but still. That guy is awesome.

  2. I had no idea this had actually come out already. But then, I’ve never seen ANY Pratchett-based adaptations out in the actual wild. And I DO like British television. But I only see it if it’s on PBS or if the library happens to have it on DVD. But speaking of British television on PBS, I DO watch Downton Abbey, mostly just to fit in with the club, but when you said that I had to click through to your old review to see who you were talking about. And OH MY GOSH SHE WOULD BE THE MOST PERFECT SUSAN I’m going to have to seek that out sometime.

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