In Your Dreams

You may have heard that the next entry in the Mario & Luigi role-playing series, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the 3DS, will take place at least partially within Luigi’s dreams.

That got me thinking about what other video games took place either partially or entirely in someone’s dreams or subconscious mind. I posed the question on Twitter and Facebook, and here’s a list of the ones I have so far:

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 takes place in Subcon, the Land of Dreams, and it’s revealed at the end that Mario dreamed the whole thing.

  • In Link’s Awakening, Koholint Island turns out to be a dream of the Wind Fish.

  • Kirby lives in Dream Land, but I don’t know that it’s ever been associated with the dreams of anyone in particular.

  • In the nineties, there was a video game version of Little Nemo in Slumberland, based on the Winsor McCay comic. You can throw candy at enemies and ride on animals.

  • I remember reading in Nintendo Power about a game called Day Dreamin’ Davey, about a kid who escapes into his daydreams to get away from his mundane life at school. The Angry Video Game Nerd actually reviewed this one.

  • When The Simpsons was in its younger days, there were several games centered around Bart. The first one for the Super Nintendo was Bart’s Nightmare, taking place in…well, I think you can figure that out. I know there’s one part where Bart turns into Godzilla and fights Homer as King Kong (this was released the same year that he played the same role in a Halloween special) and Marge as Mothra.

  • I know nothing about the Silent Hill series, but apparently the fourth game uses the subconscious theme.
  • In Final Fantasy VI, there’s a part where your characters explore Cyan’s subconscious and have to fight Wrexsoul, the demon who’s possessing his mind.

    Wrexsoul has three assistants named after the Three Stooges, and an annoying attack where he goes inside one of your characters. Still, fighting a monster is probably an easier way to overcome depression caused by grief than going through the natural healing process.

  • In the Infocom text adventure A Mind Forever Voyaging, you play a sentient computer that sends a virtual human into a possible future you have created. Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game also has a part where Arthur Dent explores his own mind and removes his common sense.

Any other examples? Feel free to bring ’em on!

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