Light Makes Right

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light – I can’t say I’ve read much about this game, but I’ve had it for a while, and I finally decided to try it. It reminds me a little of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, in that it contains the typical FF elements but in a somewhat smaller capacity. In fairness, I’ve barely started the game, but it looks like most elements are scaled down, including the amount of power your characters and the monsters have, and how long it takes to build up levels. Interestingly, despite the title, I’ve usually only been controlling one or two of the four warriors at a time. They all meet up to battle a witch, but then split up and go their own ways, occasionally joining forces. The excuses for splitting up are sometimes quite weak, and I just want to yell at them to stay together and make things easier, but such is not an option. It is a pretty interesting and fairly fast-paced plot, with the adventures so far including a town being turned to stone, one character turning into a cat, another becoming a tree upon entering a fairy village, and puppets created by a sorcerer becoming demons. Another aspect I enjoyed was how a character teams up with a cat, and then we cut to another part of the story telling where the cat came from. In a way, that feels more like something from a book than a video game.

As far as game mechanics go, your characters all start out as freelancers, but can obtain crowns that let them take on various jobs. With each of these jobs, you can learn new skills to use in battle, including magic and more. During a battle, a character needs a certain amount of power to utilize a skill.

Many of the weapons and armor are associated with different elements, and as is common in such games, different monsters are weak against particular elements. I did find it odd that sea monsters are vulnerable to fire, but it looks to be the case, unlike in other FF games. There’s a way to have weapons upgraded, which is a little confusing, but it did help me beat a demon. I also have to say that there are a few aspects that remind me more of Dragon Quest than FF, including the fact that you can be revived after dying but lose some money. Also, the enemy called Metal Flan has a FF-style name, but is pretty similar to a DQ Metal Slime in some respects.

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