Taking Down Chris Brown

I’ve talked about the situation with Chris Brown and Rihanna a few times, but it was brought to my mind again by the fact that Seth MacFarlane made a joke about it at the Oscars (I missed this part of the show, but I did read about it later), so I might as well say a bit about it. I’ve seen jokes making fun of Rihanna, despite the fact that she was the victim, and I’m of the general opinion that a big no-no in comedy is mocking the victim or the powerless person. Really, though, since she went back to him, I don’t think she’s entirely blameless. That said, to just say she’s stupid is oversimplifying things. I don’t know her, of course, but I get the impression that she has a genuine mental illness that makes her attracted to guys who abuse her. Wasn’t there something about her dating another abusive guy after leaving Brown the first time? It’s not like she’s someone who stays with an abusive person because he’s paying for her or something; I’m going to guess she’s richer than him, although I don’t know for sure. An even bigger issue to my mind is that so many people were eager to forgive Brown and claim it must have somehow been Rihanna’s fault in the first place. I’m sorry, but WHO’S the one who was brutally beaten? It also bugs me when I hear people insisting that it’s racist to focus on Brown. Believe me, I think racism is still a very real problem today, but I don’t know that it applies here. The general point seems to be that the media are concentrating on him more than abusive white people, but is that even true? It appears to me that the negative actions of both Brown AND people like Mel Gibson have been largely forgotten by the media. They’re all still invited to awards shows and such. I have to say I’m all for jokes about these scumbags because they keep their crimes in the forefront of people’s minds.

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2 Responses to Taking Down Chris Brown

  1. Darrell says:

    I agree. I think trash like Brown should be denied access to these celebrity events.
    Instead of making them feel guilty or punishing them, they are rewarded by blind fans and the media.

    With that said, I hope you do some more Oz posts soon. ;)

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