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Madam, I’m Adam

A common line trotted out by the homophobic crowd is, “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” It’s not clear what exactly their point is, but I suppose it’s that, since the first marriage in existence was that of … Continue reading

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Only You Can Prevent Poaching

The Rescuers Down Under – If you’re wondering why Disney never releases their sequels theatrically, the poor showing of this film is typically cited as the reason. In my own opinion, it’s not a bad movie, but it doesn’t live … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Oz

I think there’s a definite temptation for people, when faced with something child-friendly and innocent, to want to find something dark and disturbing beneath the surface. That could be part of why it seems popular to want to make dark … Continue reading

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Meet Singles in Your Area

One question I see come up from time to time is whether the album format is dead, what with people buying individual songs through Internet applications like iTunes. I don’t know. I still like albums, but then, I also like … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Crossing

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Animal Crossing, which Beth had for the GameCube. Since then, there have been AC games released for the DS and Wii, and there will soon be one for the 3DS as well. … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Be a Glassy Cat

Bungle of Oz, by Carrie Bailey – Considering the relative obscurity of the Oz series as a whole in this day and age, it’s always nice to find new Oz books. The only problem is that I usually have to … Continue reading

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Girl Power in Oz

Joe Roth, the producer of Oz the Great and Powerful, has gone on record as saying he liked the story because “a fairy tale with a male protagonist is very hard to come by.” Obviously, this has raised the question … Continue reading

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From Crow Country to London Below

Severed, by Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, and Attila Futaki – I’m not that familiar with horror comics (well, I’ve sometimes seen Neil Gaiman’s Sandman listed as horror, but I see that more as fantasy with some horror elements), but I … Continue reading

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Great and Powerful Nitpicks

Since I’m not one to leave well enough alone, I’m following up my review of Oz the Great and Powerful with this list of geeky issues and bits of trivia. Why would Theodora immediately tell Oscar, “You’re in Oz”? Granted, … Continue reading

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‘Twas Mr. Dooley-Ooley-Ooley-Oo

Seeing as how it’s a day to celebrate all things Irish and how I generally tend to have Oz on the brain, I thought of the song “Mister Dooley” from the original 1902 Wizard of Oz stage play. Now, when … Continue reading

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