Pulling Off the Pooley

Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls, by Robert Rankin – Another one of Rankin’s books full of weirdly meandering plots, conspiracy theories in action, and meta-referential humor. This time, recurring slacker protagonists Jim Pooley and John Omally attempt to manage a band called Gandhi’s Hairdryer, whom you might remember from their appearance in Raiders of the Lost Car Park. Also involved is a group of time travelers who are attending all of the great rock concerts in history, and one rogue who changes history according to his a voice in his head. This leads to a world where the Beatles are still together in the nineties, but also where the Virgin Corporation has taken over England after the assassination of the Queen. Somehow, only Soap Distant, intrepid subterranean explorer who has been trying to sell his story, remembers how history is supposed to have gone. Shopkeeper Norman Hartnell is still performing his own style of science experiments, this time creating a unicorn. Other ideas incorporated into the book include a future in which everything possible has been discovered, and a lady who can read penises like palms. I’m kind of surprised the latter isn’t a real thing, actually. As usual, the resolution is confusing and creates as many questions as it answers, but getting there is one hell of an amusing ride.

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