Big, Bad, and Genetically Engineered

Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer – The second volume in the Lunar Chronicles turns to another fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Since this story is shorter and less involved than “Cinderella,” there aren’t quite as many references to the original tale as in Cinder, but they’re still there. There’s a French girl who wears a red hood and delivers food, her ailing grandmother, and a wolf. Actually, there’s a whole pack of wolves, who are actually genetically modified Lunars. The story of Cinder continues as well, with the cyborg Cinderella escaping from jail with help from a smuggler named Thorne. Eventually, Cinder and Scarlet join forces, and make plans to fight off the evil Lunar Queen Levana, who is trying to conquer Earth. This series has been mixing fairy tales with science fiction in a way that goes beyond simply classic stories in space. The fairy tale tie-in for the next book, Cress, will be “Rapunzel.” According to this interview, she’ll be trapped in a satellite instead of a tower. The fact that Thorne’s ship is called the Rampion might well end up having something to do with that as well.

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