Conspiracy Crossing

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Animal Crossing, which Beth had for the GameCube. Since then, there have been AC games released for the DS and Wii, and there will soon be one for the 3DS as well. It’s a cute game that focuses on day-to-day life and mundane tasks, sort of like The Sims without the sex or wetting yourself. While your character is human (well, sort of), the others are anthropomorphic animals with a variety of personalities. While it’s a child-friendly experience, there are occasionally elements that come across as mildly unsettling, like a raccoon who forces you to work for him to pay off a debt, a mole who yells at you when you turn off the game without saving, and an organization that enters your house when you’re not there in order to pass judgment on it.

These parts have provided a framework for a whole host of bizarre conspiracy theories, all insisting that there’s something sinister going on behind this world of adorable animals. One of them, put into story form here, is that the player is basically dead and in Limbo or Purgatory. Interesting, but a bit of a stretch to my mind, although I was interested to learn about the Gyroids.

These are dancing clay figures that can be found buried in the ground after it rains, of which there are many different varieties. Beth always liked to collect the Tootoids, which made farting sounds, probably at least partially because I found them pretty gross. Anyway, in Japanese the Gyroids are known as haniwa, which are an actual historical thing. They are, in fact, funerary sculptures that were buried with the dead in the Kofun period of Japanese history, which lasted from the third through sixth centuries.

It’s been proposed that villagers might actually die when they leave town, with the haniwas left behind in their memory. Even if this is not the case, though, digging them up might well be robbing somebody’s grave. For that matter, why is the town such a treasure trove of prehistoric fossils? Was the whole place built on an ancient burial ground?

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