A Few Witches Burning Gets a Little Toasty

The Lords of Salem – WARNING! Review contains spoilers!
Beth is a big fan of Rob Zombie as a director, so it’s not too surprising that we ended up seeing this on its opening night. It’s somewhat different from his earlier work, in that while it’s still horror, it’s not as brutal, and features magic and curses instead of just crazed killers. Also, it loses the focus on white trash, which I guess makes sense as it takes place in Massachusetts. It’s based on a book, but I haven’t read it, so I don’t know how closely it follows the source material. The film is based on the popular concept of Salem as a place where people burned witches. The method of execution used on suspected witches was actually hanging (in Britain and America, anyway), but the movie showed a particularly notorious coven known as the Lords of Salem being burned alive. Their leader left a curse on the town, and we see it coming to fruition in the present day, particularly in the person of a radio DJ and recovering drug addict played by Rob’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie. There are a lot of scenes where you can’t clearly tell whether what’s going on is real or just in her mind. Seemingly random creepy images are also pretty common, as are naked old ladies. Lots of naked old ladies. Oh, and it’s a big relief that we never see anything happen to Sheri’s dog, although I guess we don’t know what happens to him after the movie ends. I wouldn’t say this is a must-see in general, but if you liked Zombie’s other movies, I’d give it a watch. It’s not as good as The Devil’s Rejects, but it makes a lot more sense than his Halloween II.

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