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Trudeau Lies

Mention Kevin Trudeau to me, and my first thought will probably be of Doonesbury, but that’s GARY Trudeau. KEVIN Trudeau is the scumbag behind Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, with “they” presumably referring to the government, … Continue reading

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Sing It Hi, Sing It Lo

I was considering writing a post on prophecies in the Oz books, but it looks like I already did that. Why do I always forget my own post topics? While I mentioned that L. Frank Baum didn’t really use prophecies … Continue reading

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Say No to Nostradamus

It’s hard to get any authentic details of the life of Nostradamus, because different sources contradict each other. Still, we know that he lived in sixteenth-century France, and his real name was Michel de Nostredame; he Latinized it in the … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Couple

Since one of the most recent Simpsons episodes used Carl as a fairly major character, I thought a look at him and his best friend Lenny might be in order. They have been shown as Homer’s co-workers throughout the run … Continue reading

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Trash Planet

WALL-E – The first time I can recall hearing of this movie was on a Simpsons DVD commentary, when supervising director Jim Reardon mentioned he was working on a film of that name, and Matt Groening replied, “Wally Gator?” Apparently … Continue reading

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Manticore Values

In my examination of mythical monsters, I now move on to the manticore, a beast said to live in Persia. In the fourth century BC, a Greek physician named Ctesias put forth a description of the animal. It has the … Continue reading

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The Cute Invasion

It sometimes seems like everyone who’s become famous in one artistic field automatically thinks they can master others. How many actors do we see putting out albums, or musicians thinking they can act? That said, they’re certainly not all of … Continue reading

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Jump for the Hump

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Disney’s 1996 animated film is loosely based on the book Notre Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo. I haven’t read the book, but my wife has, and both she and Wikipedia note a lot … Continue reading

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Crisis in Infinite Springfields

The Simpsons has just recently ended its twenty-fourth season, and I feel like I’m one of the few people who still watches every new episode. Someone else must be watching it, though, or they wouldn’t keep renewing it. While it … Continue reading

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My Cupp Runneth Over

I looked on RationalWiki the other day for some information on Kent Hovind, and I got caught up in reading other articles on there. While I don’t know that I’m that keen on the name (everyone wants to think they’re … Continue reading

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