Trudeau Lies

Mention Kevin Trudeau to me, and my first thought will probably be of Doonesbury, but that’s GARY Trudeau. KEVIN Trudeau is the scumbag behind Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, with “they” presumably referring to the government, because I’m not sure why a 2002 horror movie promoted but not directed by Wes Craven would be suppressing natural cures. You never know, though. Anyway, the guy used to be on infomercials all the time hawking his various products, claiming that the government and the pharmaceutical industry care more about making money than actually helping people, while all the while running pyramid schemes and selling personal information to junk mailers. And he apparently charges twenty-five dollars to ship a book that’s largely just an advertisement for a pay website. Takes one to know one, I guess. Hey, I’m not the biggest fan of the pharmaceutical industry, but isn’t this guy more than a bit hypocritical? As a matter of fact, he isn’t just greedy, but downright dangerous. From what I’ve read, his books promote such ideas as non-pasteurized milk being better for you, sunscreen causing cancer, getting fifteen colon cleanses in a month and and injecting human growth hormone being a good way to lose weight, AIDS not being caused by HIV, and staring directly at the sun being a great idea. He offers no real proof for any of these claims, and has been convicted of fraud and larceny, as well as fined multiple times by the FTC. What’s more, he’s apparently a Scientologist, or at least a supporter of Scientology.

Today, I saw an episode of ABC’s The Lookout about Trudeau. While I thought the show attempted a little too much Michael Moore style schtick, which they weren’t as good at as Moore, it was still pretty interesting. Apparently Trudeau has claimed to be broke, yet lives in a fancy mansion in Zurich. He also goes on expensive shopping sprees. It appears that he’s able to accomplish this by putting his companies in the name of his mail-order bride, although he denies this.

Well, he denied it at first, then more or less admitted it might be true but it isn’t anyone’s business. I suppose these are the personal finances “he” doesn’t want you to know about. One of the companies he’s associated with is the Global Information Network, or GIN, which he claims is made up of former members of the Illuminati. For just $1000 down and an extra $150 per month, you can become a member and learn the secrets of the rich and successful. You know, secrets like “don’t invest in expensive scams.” Trudeau might do well to remember what happened to Don Lapre.

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