A Space Monkey in Oz

Take Me Back to Oz, by Lisa McFauh-Queppe – I’m not sure who this author is, but the style is very much Chris Dulabone’s. That could be explained by his being the editor, however. In a follow-up to Chris’s The Marvelous Monkeys of Oz, Diamond Ann, the elected ruler of the Winged Monkeys, has disappeared; and her sons are ruling the tribe as tyrants. Two of the monkeys, Marrok and Melissa, seek the help of our old friends the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl in finding her. During their search, they encounter a princess cursed with ugliness by an evil magician and the bizarre country of Fantasque (which had earlier appeared in Bucketheads). Meanwhile, Diamond Ann finds herself a slave on the planet Noilluob, but eventually escapes with the help of an astronaut named Caitlin Carrotchomper. When they finally make their way back to Oz, they find yet another problem. The book seems reflective on the modern economy, and its author has likely worked some terrible jobs, or known someone who did. The slave labor camp on Noilluob is set up like a temp agency, and Diamond Ann is forced to work for a debt collection agency. In addition, Caitlin’s stepbrother Coleman is fired after being forced to take the blame for installing a dangerous new air conditioner. Honestly, while it was pretty amusing, I have to say there just wasn’t enough of Oz for, you know, an Oz book. We’ll have to see if the recently released follow-up is an improvement on that front. The cliffhanger that the book leaves us with is certainly promising.

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  1. I was the illustrator for this one. Not my best work, but hopefully I’ll get to try my hand at illustrating again.

  2. (Also, if you get Oziana, look for my art and a story I co-authored with Marcus Mebes in the new issue coming soon)

  3. Darrell, your illustrations were quite good. Unfortunately, the story it accompanied wasn’t.

    In fairness, I was enjoying the first half of it. Then I got to Chapter 14, where it was revealed that Diamond Ann was actually on another planet called Bouillon (spelled backwards) and a NASA astronaut named Carrotchomper (!) was going to take her back on her ship Brie, and that the galaxy Anndromias “is the local exporter of orange soda,” and I nearly flung the book across the room. I admittedly tried to press on after that just to see if it was some kind of silly joke that the story would move past, but alas, it wasn’t, and my brain just shut down completely. Needless to say, I will not be reading the third book (though I own it, as I believe in loyally supporting Oz endeavors). This kind of cartoony nonsense is just not for me.

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