These Hands Don’t Help

I’m sure there are many video games with disembodied hands or arms, but I’m probably not the only one who immediately thinks of the Wallmasters from the Zelda series.

These are giant hands that hide in walls or ceilings until someone comes near them, then they grab the person and take them back to the dungeon entrance. Some of the games also have Floormasters, which are quite similar but hide in…well, you can probably figure that out yourself. They don’t always drag you back to the beginning, but that’s definitely their standard behavior.

That’s the main reason why they’re considered among the most annoying enemies in the series, right up there with the shield-eating Like Likes. Wallmasters can be killed, but it’s common for them to be able to regenerate quickly. They’re pretty creepy, but I guess it’s possible they’re misunderstood. Maybe they take you back to the entrance because they think you’re lost.

Picture by Deimos-Remus

I can’t help but wonder if there’s any connection between the Wallmasters and the Master Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series.

Probably not, as Master Hand isn’t zombified. He wears a glove, though, so I guess we don’t know for sure. He’s basically a manifestation of the god of the Smash Bros. universe, giving life to Nintendo-themed toys and making them fight each other for his own amusement. I get the impression that this was done to explain why, say, Mario and Link would beat the tar out of each other when they’re both heroes. Master Hand is also the final boss of the game, and likely doesn’t use the full extent of his power. Still, I’m sure it must be satisfying to beat up on the thing that’s manipulating your actions. He’s a right hand, and Melee introduces his left counterpart, Crazy Hand. This being is the destructive force to Master Hand’s creative power, the Shiva to his Brahma. I also understand that Master Hand is the boss of the bad guys in Brawl, but it turns out he’s actually under the control of an evil being. The hand makes a cameo in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror as well. Maybe it made the Wallmasters in its own image.

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