Big Bones

This probably would have been more appropriate before Halloween, but I think we can all appreciate a good animated skeleton at any time of year. On Tumblr, I came across a picture and description of the Gashadokuro, sometimes simply known as the Odokuro, which is a giant skeleton. And when I say “giant,” I mean these things can get up to ninety feet tall.

Nonetheless, they’re somehow totally silent, except for the gnashing of their teeth. This is where the “gasha” part of their name comes from. You’d think a thing like that would at least rattle or something, but no dice. If one is following you, you can sometimes tell by the ringing in your ears. And that’s so obnoxious that you might welcome being killed by a skeleton just to make it stop.

While this is apparently the only way you can tell a Gashadokuro is following you, what about other people? I mean, I’m sure they usually pick deserted areas, but there must be the occasional witness, right? Don’t they ever call out to the potential victim that they’re being followed by a monster the size of a building, or do they just assume it’s some kind of parade?

The legends say that, if a Gashadorkuo catches you, it will bite off your head and drink your blood, which somehow doesn’t leak out of the gaps between the bones. The Gashadokuro is made up of the bones of people who have died of starvation or in battle. So who assembles them? Apparently they do it themselves, through the force of their anger over dying. I’d say I wouldn’t want to run into one in a dark alley, but how would a creature fifteen times the size of a person fit into a dark alley? The Gashadokoru appears in several video games, including the Castlevania series and Chrono Trigger. In the latter, Ozzie uses magic to reanimate the corpses of dead soldiers on Zenan Bridge, finally combining several of them into the giant Zombor. He’s not called a Gashadokoru (his Japanese name literally translates to “junk dragger”), but he’s obviously based on the same idea.

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