Care of Magical Creatures

One question that I see occasionally is whether all the animals on the Pokémon world are considered Pokémon, or just some of them. This page lists some non-Pokémon animals. For example, the Pokédex entry for a Gastly says it can take down an Indian elephant.

While there is an elephant Pokémon, the elephants referred to in the description presumably aren’t Phanpies.

Does this also mean that an African elephant is beyond a Gastly’s power to defeat? As “Pokémon” is short for “Pocket Monsters,” it presumably refers only to animals that can be stored in Pokéballs, but how does anybody know which animals fit into this category? Is there some test that can be performed to determine this, other than actually trying a Pokéball? After all, if that fails, maybe it’s just a Pokémon that’s really hard to catch. And when people discover new Pokémon, are they animals that haven’t yet been discovered at all, or just animals that were previously not thought to be Pokémon? I suppose Pokémon are the sort of animals that would be considered Magical Creatures in the Harry Potter universe.

Come to think of it, Hagrid has kind of a “gotta catch ’em all” mentality, doesn’t he? So does Captain Salt, for that matter.

Speaking of Oz and Pokémon, we know that the latter has places with names like Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean, and Celadon Cities. Wouldn’t the Emerald City, as well as the lesser-known Sapphire City, fit right in?

Yeah, yeah, anyone can name a city after something that shares its dominant color. Ah, but what about how Pokémon also has a Pastoria City, which shares the name of Ozma’s father?

It supposedly just means it’s a pastoral place (the Japanese name, Nomose, means “outdoor”), but don’t you believe it. I think there’s clearly some communication between these worlds. Hey, maybe the Woozy is actually a Pokémon. I mean, a weird, generally docile animal that can flash fire from its eyes sounds like it would fit right in with Pikachus and Bulbasaurs, right?

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