Hello Katniss

A few months ago, I read the three Hunger Games books, as I was tired of feeling like the only one who hadn’t. And since the second movie is now in theaters, I thought I should probably see the first one, so I did last night. As of this writing, it’s streaming on Netflix. I have to say it was a quite faithful adaptation of the book. It couldn’t include everything, of course, but all of the key scenes were there. Because it did so closely follow the book, however, I feel that we missed out on some important information by not getting Katniss’ internal monologue. As with the Harry Potter films, I sort of think the movie makers just thought, “Eh, everyone who’s going to see this has already read the book, so we don’t have to explain everything.” On the other hand, Beth said she liked it, and she only read the very beginning of the book. Maybe my fears on that issue are unfounded, but it’s something I wonder about. Beth did ask me whether Katniss was supposed to have a thing for Cinna, which isn’t something I got from the books at all. Mind you, I always figured Cinna was gay, although I’ll admit that’s stereotyping. We did both agree that Lenny Kravitz is a better actor than he is musician.

The casting and costumes were great, showing off the bizarre styles of the Capitol contrasted with the more subdued looks of the people in the poor districts. I know there were some complaints that only white girls were considered for the role of Katniss when she’s described as having olive skin in the book, and while I can see their point, that certainly doesn’t diminish Jennifer Lawrence’s performance. Peeta looked pretty much just as he was described in the text, despite the fact that I couldn’t help imagining him with curly hair. I have no idea why.

I believe we saw more of President Snow, including foreshadowing of his role later on in the series, than in the first book, which makes sense as we weren’t always limited to Katniss’ viewpoint.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and Catching Fire is on my list of things to possibly see at the movies. So are Frozen and The Desolation of Smaug, but it’s not like I’ll be devastated if I have to wait for the video releases of all three.

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2 Responses to Hello Katniss

  1. I’ve not yet read the books, but I LOVE this film series. The second one blew my mind, and I didn’t think it could top the first one. The Desolation of Smaug was also brilliant. Definitely see that on the big screen. There’s nothing that comes close to Smaug or even just the scope of this film.

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