Breakfast Every Hour, It Could Save the World

A few months ago, Amanda Palmer wrote on her blog about the song “Delilah,”, which appears on the second Dresden Dolls album Yes, Virginia.

It’s not one of my favorites on the album, but it’s quite poignant, being about a girl who refuses to leave her abusive boyfriend. Amanda has said she doesn’t know anyone named Delilah, and the character is a composite of herself and several other women she’s known. I have to wonder at the significance of the name Delilah, which of course is most famously that of the Biblical character who betrayed her husband to the Philistines. Tom Jones’s song “Delilah” has the titular character killed by a jealous lover, and there’s also the radio personality who dispenses trite relationship advice in between sappy easy-listening songs. So there’s a lot of association there with dysfunctional couples. I also appreciate that the song has a reference to Denny’s, which Amanda calls ” a shitty all-night chain diner.” I’ll admit that I’m a Denny’s apologist, probably largely because it’s a place I remember from my childhood, as well as that a place where you can get ham and eggs at 3 AM earns major points with me. This brings to mind another song that mentions Denny’s in a not-so-positive way, Rilo Kiley’s “Glendora,” which is also about someone who refuses to leave a terrible boyfriend.

The circumstances aren’t exactly the same, but it does give me the image of Amanda talking to Jenny Lewis about her relationship problems at Denny’s.

I know Jenny has refused to perform “Glendora” live for years, her reason being that “There’s this particularly offensive line in that song that I refuse to sing” (the source for that quote being here). Not sure which line this is, and it might well be personal on Jenny’s part. I do have to say I’m amused by the line, “Would you fuck me? Because I’d fuck me,” but I also wonder if that’s the part she won’t sing anymore. Hey, confidence is sexy, right? Then again, repeatedly being taken advantage of doesn’t sound all that confident, so it’s a mixed bag. Anyway, Denny’s had a menu a few years back with items named after musicians, and neither the Dresden Dolls nor Rilo Kiley were included. I feel I should mention, however, that one of the bands represented, the Plain White T’s, put out another song about somebody named Delilah in the same year as the Dolls.

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