Birth Control vs. Corporate Control

I haven’t really been keeping up with the news recently. Blame the fact that I’m working and that my wife doesn’t watch cable news as much as she used to. It seems that, aside from Vladimir Putin playing a real-life game of Risk and the Malaysian plane that temporarily vanished, a lot of recent talk has been about a business called Hobby Lobby insisting they shouldn’t have to pay for contraception for religious reasons. This post brings up some good points about the story. I do remember Rush Limbaugh and Mike Huckabee insisting that women only want contraception covered by their health plans because they’re nymphomaniacs, putting aside that there are reasons to go on birth control even if you aren’t sexually active, and that they insisted on singling out women. Because men are never influenced by their libidos, or what? I’ve heard about health plans covering Viagra and penis pumps, and while I don’t know all the details, you’d think this would fall under the same umbrella. And wouldn’t the people who complain about this issue prefer paying for birth control over, you know, actual babies? Or are they going to start trying to get out of that, too? It almost sounds like they’re trying to make sex a privilege of the rich. Maybe there’s no “almost” about it. Can you really make the argument that contraceptives cause abortion without also claiming that life begins BEFORE conception?

And would this apply to other companies whose owners belong to certain religions that object to certain aspects of health care? Could a Jehovah’s Witness owner refuse to pay for blood transfusions, or a Christian Scientist owner refuse any medicine at all? The way I see it, if an employer gets to make these decisions, then they’re forcing THEIR religion onto their employees.

By the way, Hobby Lobby is said to not have barcodes on their products and to “use a Christian-based mediation practice to resolve employee disputes.” I wonder if that means that, if an accused employee can’t produce three witnesses, they’re stoned to death. I’m also not sure if a for-profit corporation is really in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. The people who run the company have the last name Green, which might provide a hint as to what they’re actually after. Of course, if we had a public option, this whole thing wouldn’t even be an issue. But apparently Jesus hates nationalized health care, although he’s cool with people healing others with their shadows.

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4 Responses to Birth Control vs. Corporate Control

  1. Didn’t know the part about Hobby Lobby’s barcodes or mediation. I want to look into that now.

    • Nathan says:

      I found the barcode thing on Wikipedia and the part about Christian-style mediation on the Huffington Post. I haven’t really researched them.

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