Reciprocal Religion

Divine Misfortune, by A. Lee Martinez – I’ve thought before about the idea of religion as sort of a business arrangement, with humans providing tribute and worship to a god, and that deity in turn helping out the worshippers. It’s probably not how believers see religion, but there’s a certain appeal to it. So I was interested to learn that there was a book that covered this exact topic. It takes place in the modern world, but one where the old gods have hung on by providing more or less direct service to their followers. Many actual gods, both well-known and obscure, make appearances; but the main players are three deities that Martinez made up, at least as far as I know: Luka (nicknamed Lucky), a raccoon-headed prosperity god; the death god Gorgoz; and Syph, the goddess of heartbreak. Luka’s best friend is Quetzalcoatl, or Quick for short, who’s grown much less fearsome since the fall of the Aztec Empire. The story centers around a couple named Phil and Teri, who become followers of Luka, only to find out that he wants to stay in their house and that he has a lot of baggage involving Gorgoz and Syph. It’s pretty funny, especially when Gorgoz is on the scene, but I did find the story a little slight for something that addresses such a significant topic. In a way, though, I appreciated that it was more of a slice of life than an epic adventure. I’ll have to check out Martinez’ other work.

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